Southeastern New England Real Estate Investment Properties
As Realtors, mortgage loan originators, and property managers, it would be unique if we were not ourselves investing in real estate! We do, of course, and we are sometimes in a position where others have come to us with ideas, projects, or property and asked for assistance in raising capital for the endeavor. Also, we too have ideas, and sometimes seek partners or syndication for the enterprise. Real Estate investing can be very rewarding. Real Estate investments have out performed the stock market greatly in recent years. Investing in real estate is a time proven investment portfolio asset.

Our expertise in real estate investing, in conjunction with partnering law firms and accounting firms, situates us ideally to facilitate investments in real estate. Investment property is available in many forms: multi family residences, retail spaces, commercial apartment buildings, office space, and even self storage spaces. Investment Property also comes in all sorts of price levels. Some is remarkably affordable.

If you are interested in opportunities in the real estate investment business, come talk to us, call, or e-mail us… We are always interested in valid projects. If you are interested in partnerships or Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT) then also take a look at our Waterfront website.

Please contact us for details.