Managing Investment Property For Income
Focus Professionals, Inc. offers Property Management services in RI and in Southeastern Massachusetts. As your investment property manager, our services include leasing, rent collection and bookkeeping services, facility maintenance services, bill paying services, subcontractor management, and other investment property management services. At present we only offer these services for residential properties of up to 6 units. We plan to offer these property management services to small retail facilities as well in the coming months.

Property Management in Rhode Island
& Southeastern Massachusetts

Having a property manager provide these services can be cost saving to the owner who lives remotely from the property, or even nearby, and can also save aggravation and headaches. Tenants call us, not you, and we collect rent, repair the buildings, plow snow, mow the grass, etc. Property Management can be very helpful indeed.

See our detailed discussion on Property Management Pros and Cons for more information to assist you in determining whether your needs are best served by a quality property manager.

Our services are performed professionally, and our rates are competitive. Call 401-293-0131 to discuss your property today.

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